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KONG HandiPod

The award-winning KONG HandiPod range is the 2-in-1 solution which helps responsible pet owners to pick up, clean up and brighten up when walking their dogs.
Combining a bag dispenser with a powerful LED torch and cleansing hand sanitiser gel, KONG HandiPod makes the responsibility of cleaning up after your dog safe and easy.

The Range


KONG HandiPod Flashlight & Flashlight Mini

Brighten up your early morning walks and late night strolls with the KONG HandiPod Flashlight and Flashlight Mini.

Combining a bag dispenser and powerful LED torch, this convenient 2-in-1 helps pet owners to light up, clean up and keep safe when walking their dogs.


  • Durable and degradable poo bags with handles
  • Powerful and long-lasting LED flashlight (with batteries included)
  • Carabiner clip for easily attaching to clothes or leads
  • Ready-to-use and refillable

KONG HandiPod Clean & Clean Mini

Picking up after your dog can be an unpleasant responsibility.

For owners who like to freshen up after they clean up, there’s KONG HandiPod Clean and Clean Mini, the all-in-one solution featuring a bag dispenser and sanitiser gel.


  • Durable and degradable bags with handles
  • Refreshing antibacterial hand sanitiser gel
  • Carabiner clip for attaching to belts and leads
  • Ready-to-use and refillable

KONG HandiPod Clean and Bag Refill Packs

Refilling your HandiPod Clean and HandiPod Clean Minis is easy with our hand sanitiser refill pods and replacement bags. Each pack contains the same durable and degradable bags you’ve come to love, along with a new pod of refreshing hand gel in the Clean Packs.


  • Quality bio-degradable bags with handles
  • Refreshing hand sanitiser gel which kills 99.9% of germs
  • HandiPod Clean Refills contains 15 bags per roll
  • HandiPod Clean Mini Refills contain 10 bags per roll

KONG HandiPod Interchangeable Starter Kits

Make the most of the whole KONG HandiPod range with the Interchangeable Starter Kit, available in both Standard and Mini size. Easily change between the Flashlight and Clean attachments to suit every walk, meaning you’ll never be caught short again when walking your dog.


  • Durable and bio-degradable bags with handles
  • Powerful and long-lasting LED torch (batteries included)
  • Carabiner clip for attaching to clothes or leads
  • Detaches and reattaches easily

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