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KONG HandiPod Launch

The KONG HandiPOD Launch is a new patent-pending designed product that combines a high quality ball launcher with a pick-up bag dispenser built into the handle. Supplied with a strong and durable KONG ball and two rolls of pick-up bags with handles, the KONG HandiPOD Launch is a unique product.

The Range

KONG HandiPOD Launch

The KONG HandiPOD Launch has been designed to remove the need for carrying your ball launcher and a separate pick-up bag dispenser. The dispenser handle holds standard sized pick-up bags, so customers can use KONG HandiPOD refill packs or their own bags.


  • Easy to control long or short throws
  • Ergonomic comfort grip
  • Includes 30 bags with tie handles and a KONG Ball
  • Refill pack also available

KONG HandiPOD Launch Refill

The KONG HandiPOD Launch Refill pack includes a strong and durable KONG ball and 4 rolls of pick-up bags (60 in total) with handles.


  • Strong degradable bags with tie handles
  • Tough and durable KONG ball

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